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Marci Weiner is Hollywood's highly regarded Society Editor. Her columns have appeared in numerous print and online publications: Celeb Staff, Celeb Life, Entertainment Today, Westside Today, Century City News, Splash Magazines, MovieWeb, Club & Sports Society and West Coast Lifestyle Magazine.

She has interviewed hundreds of celebrities and appeared on many television shows: Joan Rivers, Soap Talk, Up All Night and Nick Edenetti's Late Night Show. Marci also hosted her own television show, Beverly Hills Beat.

She is frequently invited to cover noteworthy charitable events in Los Angeles; The John Wayne Foundation, SHARE, Concern Foundation and Professional Dancer's Society. Marci also attends special events such as the LA Opera and Roger Neal's Oscar Viewing Party, always providing her readers with the experience of actually being there.

Her avid readers frequently remark that Marci offers intelligence and a unique insight into the lifestyles of Hollywood's celebrities and socialites. Her unparalleled interviewing style has established Hollywood Marci as The Confidant to the Stars.


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Rhonda Shear

01st Jan 2020

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Sophia Loren

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01st Jan 2020

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