Jacque Heebner

Marci Weiner was beloved by one and all.  I just know her style, engaging smile and warm personality will always be well remembered by everyone. 

My late husband Bob and I shared many fond memories with Marci and her late husband, Fred.  We all enjoyed their parties over the years, and it was a feather in your cap just to be invited, where Marci could be counted on to treat us to an aria or the latest popular song or two as she had a beautiful operatic voice.  She loved opera and she was responsible for sharing many glorious writeups of performances of the most talented and notable singers who graced the stages in Los Angeles.

I know in my heart Marci will be missed by all of us.  I can’t remember ever hearing her say an unkind word about anyone.  That was Marci… beautiful, loveable, friendly, funny, and warm, always.

It’s still so hard to believe she is gone. May our Hollywood Marci, rest in peace, Farewell, Dear Friend.

Jacque Heebner

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