Barbara Tobias

Marci Weiner … so many memories.  I met Marci shortly after I was married, 38 years ago.  As Michael and I were leaving Pips on Rodeo, she called me over to tell me she liked my “style” and that we were meant to be friends.  She took my number and called me the very next day. I remember we went to Matteo’s restaurant. We remained  the best of friends through all these years, good times and bad.   We celebrated all her birthdays and somehow I kept getting older, but she didn’t age!  And even though our friendship started with me being the younger, I seemed to surpass her in age.

Marci was one of a kind, truly.  Never met anyone like her.  She was known not just as a celebrity columnist, but for her unique style…always coordinated from the top of her head to her shoes.  Like Hedda Hopper, she was known for her extensive hat collection.  And friends…she had more friends than anyone I know.. she was worried about all the people she would offend when she could only invite 100 of her closest friends to one of her parties.  She threw wonderful parties and always sang a song or two from one of her favorite operas.

Toward the end of her husband’s life, I would get phone calls at all hours, midnight, 4 am.. and would rush to the hospital to keep her company and offer support.  And after Fred passed, she had her own health issues and was so beloved that so many friends were always there to help her and offer moral support and company…Larry Link, Paula Edelman, Rachel Levin, Linda Schwartz, Danne King just to name a few of her nearest and dearest.  Marci needed people around her and nothing slowed her down.  NOTHING.  She loved going out…all the time.  It was hard to keep up with her.  She was invited to all the big events as press and she was always dressed to the nines.  She loved it.

Marci had one fear… the Big C. She hated going to doctors for fear of bad news and the sad irony is that the Big C is the only thing that would take her down, just a different C.  I believe Fred sent a Golden carriage for her and that they are together again.  As sad as I am about her passing, knowing she is with Fred comforts me.  God bless and Rest In Peace my long time friend. You will be missed.

Barbara Tobias

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