Annie Gaybis

I am utterly completely shocked and devastated by this news. I loved knowing her… hanging with her… chatting for hours with her… both myself and my husband John Byner are completely blown away by this news. She was a spirit all of her own making. An original. 

From Placido Domingo who was fascinated by her to Larry King who hit on her not knowing who she was in Beverly Hills and almost fainted when she told him she was a Hollywood Reporter. To her glam wigs… her glam in the spotlight appearance with her clothing and perfectly made up eyes….one of a kind. Believe me she was not ready to  meet up with Fred yet. She was living the life. I loved Marci ..

And I will miss her laugh….her exuberant energy over covering the Social and Hollywood Scene. She knew everyone and everyone knew Marci.

A Beloved Friend,

Annie Gaybis

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