21st Feb 2021

Robyn Knapton Ridgley

I loved being with Marci! (as we all did) I love you Marci! Robyn Knapton Ridgley  

21st Feb 2021

Judith Mancini

I was devastated to learn of Marci’s passing.  We were not close friends but I met her when she took the time out to come and be at the launch...

21st Feb 2021

Jessica Lopez

I am deeply saddened by the news of her loss!  I know Marci was loved by everyone! She will be missed! Jessica Lopez

19th Feb 2021

Susan Stafford

I met Marci Weiner the first week she and Fred moved to Beverly Hills. It was at Jimmy’s and that was almost 40 years ago.  Marci was bright,  glamorous and...

19th Feb 2021

Elaine Bernard

Marci was a dear friend that I had known for many, many years.  Whenever we got together, we laughed about experiences that we both had in common. I miss her...

19th Feb 2021

Carol Connors

Marci’s smile, her insight, her wardrobe, her pzazzzzzz, her twinkling eyes, her laughter… I will remember everything forever. Carol Connors Marci Weiner, Cheryl Holdridge and Carol Connors

18th Feb 2021

Timothy Fielding

Marci was Hollywood’s eyes & ears. She was LOVED by so many good friends. I will miss her dearly!! Timothy Fielding

17th Feb 2021

Stephanie J. Hibler

Ode To Marci Weiner Many wonderful memories of beloved Marci live in our minds and hearts forever! She was a unique media mogul for several entertainment publication entities and television...

16th Feb 2021

Francesca Daniels

Marci, my close friend of 40+ years was a true Dame or Diva and just stunning to look at! I’ll be in Boca 5 years in April and spoke to...

16th Feb 2021

John Seitz

I was so saddened to hear we lost our dear friend Marci. She was one in a million but at least we know she’s up there in heaven arranging its...

16th Feb 2021

Danné Montague King

Marci was one of my dearest friends! Like a sister. We did many madcap things together that defied our age! Her sparkle and wit cheered me up during times I...

16th Feb 2021

Robyn Shreiber

Marci Weiner was very special to me. I first met her a few years ago and the Beverly Hills Women’s Club. We bonded instantly and discovered shortly after that we...

16th Feb 2021

Jackie Kallen

Marci Weiner was one of a kind.  She was an old-school Hollywood reporter who befriended every celebrity she met.  Her looks and personality made her everyone’s favorite. She loved to...

16th Feb 2021

Caldwell Sutherland Bogert

A beautiful bowl of flowers just for Marci.  We loved her so. Caldwell Sutherland Bogert

16th Feb 2021

Brenda Dickson

I am so sorry to hear of Marci’s passing.  Her presence at charity events and show business galas were always memorable. She loved to dress up and attend every occasion...

15th Feb 2021

Marcia Rosner

What a beautiful tribute for a beautiful lady. Marcia Rosner

15th Feb 2021

Annie Gaybis

I am utterly completely shocked and devastated by this news. I loved knowing her… hanging with her… chatting for hours with her… both myself and my husband John Byner are...

15th Feb 2021

September Sorno

Marci was a BRIGHT LIGHT in our city. She made all who spent time with her FEEL GOOD. She was so adept at ELEVATING PEOPLE. She made EVERYONE feel like...

14th Feb 2021

Barbara Tobias

Marci Weiner … so many memories.  I met Marci shortly after I was married, 38 years ago.  As Michael and I were leaving Pips on Rodeo, she called me over...

14th Feb 2021

Jacque Heebner

Marci Weiner was beloved by one and all.  I just know her style, engaging smile and warm personality will always be well remembered by everyone.  My late husband Bob and...